About Me


I am an Assistant Professor of History at Louisiana Tech University. I am also a research fellow affiliated with the Waggonner Center for Civic Engagement and Public Policy and the Louisiana Tech Research Institute (LTRI).

I teach courses on war and American society; youth, sexuality, and gender; the history of food; world history; and recent U.S. history.  As a research fellow I write curriculum in the fields of cyber security, foreign policy, nuclear deterrence, and the Cold War for audiences ranging from K-12 students to active duty military officers.


I earned my PhD from Temple University in American history. I successfully defended my dissertation, “A Family Affair: Military Service in the Postwar Era,” in July 2017. This manuscript examined military family policies in the Army and Marine Corps through the lens of gender, asking how policymakers crafted policy in a changing society.

I am also a trained public historian. While completing an MA at the University of Utah, I learned the craft of oral history at the American West Center, the West’s premier public history research institution. While at the Center, I served as assistant director and I was also lead oral historian on several projects, including Outdoor Recreation and Saving the Legacy: An Oral History of Utah’s Veterans. Later on at Temple, I had the pleasure of serving as the Allen F. Davis Fellow in Public History at the Philadelphia History Museum.


Before academia, I served from 2000-2006 as an infantryman in the United States Marine Corps. I am a combat veteran of the Iraq War. In addition to my time in uniform, I have done stints as a paper boy, buss-boy, burger flipper, golf course grounds maintainer, cemetery lawn mower, artificial turf installer, long-and-short-haul trucker, barista, Uber driver, and adjunct professor. Born and raised in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, Utah, I have lived for varying stretches of my life in southern California, the PNW, Philadelphia, and now northern Louisiana. When I am not teaching, I avoid writing by honing my cooking skills, getting lost in the wilderness, and road tripping with my family.

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To see my cyber security curriculum work, check out cyber.org.
Follow along with my adventures over at the Waggonner Center here.
I teach Cold War history and strategic thinking at LTRI as part of a joint endeavor between LaTech and Air Force Global Strike Command to provide instructional workshops to senior Air Force Officers.
You can see some of my oral history interviews here. The rest are archived here.
I occasionally tweet @johnworsencroft
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